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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-WFH
This Wildflower honey is considered one of the purest and richest kinds of honey available in the world. This bottle of honey is raw, unpasteurized, and known for its dark colour and bold flavour. This is a multi-floral honey, which means that the honey is produced when wild honeybees pollinate a va..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-RHoney
This Raw honey comes from the nectar of wild medicinal flowers that grow in the mountainous forests of Meghalaya. Our honey is pure and natural with no added artificial sweeteners or infusions. Any crystallization that you find in our jars is a sign of the honey’s purity and natural origin. Our hone..
Rs 475.00
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CS-GCS02
Nice and spicy, these tingly, chewy treats are an enjoyable alternative to anti-nausea medicine. Whether you're treating a belly ache, a bout of nausea or simply treating yourself, always have these classic, yummy ginger candies in your stash...
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CS-HS03
Gooseberry aka amla is one fruit that is very nutritious. Consuming gooseberry on a daily basis slows down aging and fights against several heart diseases. It also reduces blood sugar and adds digestive fiber to your diet. While the original taste of gooseberry is very tangy, we have lowered it down..
Rs 360.00
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