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Pahari Roots

Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-PJ
This Plum Jam is an exquisite fusion of hand picked plums, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and taste from Meghalaya. Enjoy a burst of deliciously sweet and tart flavour. By sourcing plums directly from Meghalaya's bountiful orchards,  each jar of this plum jam embodies the spir..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Bay
The bay leaf for this powder is sourced directly from the farmers in Meghalaya. The leaves are carefully hand-picked & sorted. No preservatives, chemicals or colouring is added. It is packed in its purest & most natural form. Bay leaf has many benefits: treats digestive disorders and helps e..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-StoneFlower
Ever wondered what is that mystery ingredient you can’t seem to pin your finger on that gives some Indian Dishes a distinct piquant smoky-sweet taste? Most often, that is Black Stone Flower spice! Also known as Patthar Phool or Dagar Phool, the Black stone flower is a species of lichen used a..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Chilli
Pahari Roots sources the chillis used to make our pickle directly from the hilly fields of Meghalaya. Our pickle is a mix of locally grown red and green chillies and is homemade to perfection. It has a spicy and pungent taste that gives you an all-natural experience and is sure to pep up any meal! ..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Ginger
In Meghalaya, ginger is cultivated using very simple traditional methods, without any application of manures, fertilizers, insecticides etc. The ginger cultivated in Meghalaya has high essential oil, oleoresin and is known for its pungent taste and high gingerol content, which empowers ginger powde..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-gtot
Kickstart your day with a breath of fresh air with our Finest Green Tea - the guilt-free and healthy drink option made for you to enjoy every day. It is made by carefully roasting whole green tea leaves which are then rolled into coils in Japanese style. Flavour: These tea leaves will give you..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-JackPickle
Enjoy Pahari Roots’ tasty Jackfruit Pickle made from fresh, juicy, homegrown jackfruit directly from growers in Meghalaya. This pickle is made from 100% sun-dried jackfruit pieces, blended with mustard oil and assorted spices following a highly authentic and traditional North Eastern recipe. A un..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-LTAB
Lakadong Turmeric is known for its medicinal qualities, rich aroma, flavour and deep colour and is rightly known as the world’s finest turmeric powder. An ancient superfood from Meghalaya, grown using traditional & sustainable farming methods free of pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals (Arse..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-lbtot
This luxury black tea is made by selecting only the finest topmost leaves of the tea shrub, which are then carefully coiled and sun-dried with their golden tips intact, to give you a high-grade black tea with the richest tea-drinking experience. Flavour: The resulting tea is pleasantly brisk and me..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-MHoney
This Mandarin Honey comes from the orange orchards of Meghalaya. Limited-edition high-quality honey, pure and natural with no added artificial sweeteners or infusions, Pahari Roots Mandarin Honey is highly sought after by Honey connoisseurs. Any crystallization that you find in our jars is a sign of..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Mango
This mango pickle is a unique and flavourful treat, made from green mangoes grown in the state of Meghalaya, Northeast India. Completely handmade, you can enjoy the intricate flavours that come together to give this delicious pickle its wonderful taste! We make our pickles in traditional north-east..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Mixed
This mixed pickle is a delicious product from Meghalaya! Made from fresh organic fruits & vegetables grown in Meghalaya, this pickle contains mango, chilli, sohshang (or wild olive), jackfruit, sohphie, lemon, ginger and carrot. We make our pickles in traditional north-eastern style in small ba..
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