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Fermented Fish (On Pre-Order)

Fermented Fish (On Pre-Order)
Fermented Fish (On Pre-Order)
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Fermented fish is a staple food for many tribes across the NorthEast and is known by various names such as ngari, hentak, tungtap, hukan maas, shutki etc. Fermented fish is a much-beloved flavour and is used as stand-alone chutneys or as flavour enhancers in different curries and soupy dishes across the region. The fermented fish in this packet comes from East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya where local fish from the fast-flowing, clear-water rivers are caught and dried and fermented to preserve them.

Fermentation enhances the safety of foods using natural microflora and their antibacterial compounds and as long as you keep it airtight and remove any residual moisture, this packet of fermented fish should last for a year easily. Besides, tungtap or ngari only gets better with age as the fermentation process continues increasing the pungent aroma and flavour. With no preservatives, this taste of fermented fish is as authentic as it can get. Never again be deprived of this classic Northeastern flavour!

Storage Directions: Once the packet is received, place the contents in an airtight container. The container can be placed in a refrigerator to prevent any liquefaction due to summer heat.


Product Specs
Weight in grams 250
Non-Vegetarian Product Yes
Country of Origin India


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